Archaeology and Archaeologist on Screen

Je publie (en Anglais) dans un ouvrage collectif une longue analyse des représentations de l’archéologie et de la figure de l’archéologue à l’écran (cinéma, séries télévisées, jeu vidéo). Résumé ci-dessous.

This essay provides a historical perspective on the archaeologist on
screen. A wide array of movies, video games, and TV shows are addressed in
order to provide a comprehensive approach to this cultural figure. Building on
several examples, from the birth of cinema to the new field of archaeogaming,
this article delves into the various dimensions of the archaeologist as one of the
most popular fictional character of all times. In addition to a close examination
of the main typologies used to characterize the diverse representations of the
archaeologist in popular culture, the study introduces some thoughts about the
links between archaeology and the ontology of the photographic image. Closely
related to the cultural logic of Western modernity, archaeology extensively nurtures
the imaginary of exploration, conquest, and postcolonial encounter.
Nevertheless, the analysis of a selection of non-Western films highlights the
cultural hybridity of the figure of the archaeologist. Its complexity and ambivalence
thus appears representative of the way power relations shaped by race,
class, and gender operates through culture.

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